B. Learning Games

Logische Blöcke auf LiteScout ProLogische Blöcke auf LiteScout ProDas neue Spiel B.4N mit Matrizen und SpielsteinenGanz schön knifflig die magnetische Puzzle-EnteNeue Mash-Bags für logische Bläöcke und 3D-FormenGanz schön knifflig die magnetische Puzzle-EnteFarbige Rundstäbe mit Lochmaske

Together with specialists from various areas of expertise, learning games have been developed that are specially adapted for the LiteScout and that are of a high stimulative nature. The specific materials used are made up of particularly attractive plastics, which are equally pleasant to the touch. Magnetic components are also included. Top-quality lighting, colors and contrasts promote visual recognition, conceptualization, mental development and hand-eye coordination. In this way, the LiteScout system offers a range of tasks that can be performed for targeting different development objectives.

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Best.-Nr. Beschreibung
B.1N 4 x 2 Matrix Pegging Game with Logical Blocks for LiteScout-Pro
B.2N Colored and black Logical Blocks
B.3N Pegging Game with Logical Blocks for LiteScout-Basic and -Pro
B.4N Bars & Pegboard 4x4 Matrix
B.5N Colored Square, Triangular, Round Pegs
B.6.1 Colored and magnetic Duck & Bear and Accessories
B.6.2 Colored and magnetic House & Car and Accessories
B.6.3 Colored and magnetic Hand & Face and Accessories
B.7.1 Magnetic Logical Blocks and Accessories for LiteScout-Pro
B.7.2 Magnetic Logical Blocks and Accessories for LiteScout-Basic
B.8 Magnetic Stripes and Accessories
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