C.1– Light Adapter LiteScout-Pro / LiteScout-Basic

Bild: Bild-Ausschnittsverkleinerung für LiteScout-Pro mit eingelegter fluoreszierender Ente.

The black light adapter reduces the LiteScout-Pro’s visible light area to the dimensions of the LiteScout-Basic (DIN A4). This allows you to place LiteScout-Basic version drawing films, color filters, pegboards etc. onto the LiteScout-Pro light area so that they fit perfectly and do not slide around.

Price: 19,00 Euros (plus VAT)

Order No.: C.1

Scope of Delivery

  • Color: black, matte/grained
  • Material: plastic
  • Format: 538 x 305 mm (see light area LiteScout-Pro)
  • Cutout: 297 x 210 mm / DIN A4 (see light area LiteScout-Basic)
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Quantity: 1