C. Accessories

Kreatives Arbeiten mit magnetischen logischen BlöckenKreatives Arbeiten mit magnetischen logischen BlöckenGanz schön knifflig der masgnetische Puzzle-BärKreatives Arbeiten mit magnetischen logischen BlöckenLogische Blöcke auf LiteScout ProLogische Blöcke auf LiteScout Pro

Various accessories, such as pens, write-on/drawing films, magnets and transportation bags, are included in the LiteScout’s scope of delivery and round off the LiteScout product portfolio. The product line is currently being expanded and is being supplemented by a stand for the LiteScout, for example.

By clicking the product-link, you receive a detailled product description including material information and the sope of delivery.

Order-No. Designation
C.1 Reduction of Screen Window for LiteScout-Pro
C.2.1 Transportation Bag for LiteScout-Pro, Games and Accessories
C.2.2 Transportation Bag for LiteScout-Basic, Games and Accessories
C.3.1 Color-Filter-Set for LiteScout-Pro
C.3.2 Color-Filter-Set for LiteScout-Basic
C.4 Magnets
C.5.1 OH-Sheets for LiteScout-Pro
C.5.2 OH-Sheets for LiteScout-Basic
C.6 Markers
Appendix Explanation of Terms and detailed Material Information